This upcoming year on the town site is full of unknowns. The COVID-19 pandemic will definitely have its effects on Chesterfield as it has throughout the country and the world.  We as a presidency and board of directors have discussed the situation.  We feel, as we consider the outlined phases of recovery and out of respect to volunteers and visitors, it is best that we do not have our annual Memorial Day celebration in 2020.  We are sad to skip this annual event but the health and safety of people are our top priority.  We recognize there are various opinions in the community and on our board of the best route to take for the upcoming season.  We appreciate the views and input and hope we can all be understanding and move forward together as we hope to improve Chesterfield and this wonderful organization.  


After much consideration and a board vote, it has been determined that Chesterfield will not be open for the regular 2020 touring season.  We will still be working very hard on maintaining and improving the site.  We feel it is necessary to keep progressing for upcoming years of enjoyment. While things may look different in Chesterfield this year, we have high expectations and goals in the things that we can accomplish and do this summer.  


We love the heritage of the people that lived in Chesterfield and we want to continue to let their legacy live on.  We hope to be able to do our part to keep that alive.  


Thank you,

Brantly Hatch

JudyAnnNelson Obituary

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