Nestled in the foothills of  Idaho's  Portneuf  Valley,  Chesterfield offers an excellent visitor experience.  Located between Lava Hot Springs and Soda Springs, Idaho and along the Oregon Trail, the Idaho village is a significant historic site that calls attention to a specific period of  time.  Few places of this early period  remain, making it all the more important.   Its unique history and magnificent scenery have attracted visitors,  young and old, from near and far, for many years. Chesterfield, Idaho is a historic town located in the south-eastern corner of the grand state of Idaho. It sits in the upper foothills of the Portneuf Valley between Lava Hot Spring and Soda Springs, Idaho. The idea for settlement first came to Chester Call as he was traveling through the valley in 1880, in search of grazing land. The next spring, he brought his family up to settle a small ranch because the Salt Lake Valley was getting overcrowded with all of the Pioneers traveling in. He got some friends and family, and before too long, a town arose in the foothills of the valley. 
Today, the historic townsite is run by the Chesterfield Foundation and has been since 1980 when the first building, the Meeting House, was reconstructed. Currently, most of the historic homes are restored to there original state, including most of the main town buildings. The Foundation is working hard to restore the rest of the buildings on the town site, including relocating a few of the country homes onto the site. They accept donations of any kind and volunteers to help with this large project. We are open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am till 6:00 pm.  Come to the Holbrook Mercantile General Merchandise Museum for tours and reservation details or make reservations on our "Reservations" page. 
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